Hand Lettercutting in Stone
Essentially, commissioning work involves a two way interaction between the client and the artist.

Initial Discussions
These serve two important functions. The first is for clients to give an idea of what they have in mind. Some will have a clear sense of what they want from the beginning, but for most, this will evolve as they discover what is available to them. The second is to give clients an idea of what is possible. Peter will advise on lettering styles, symbols, overall design and suitable materials, usually providing samples of stone to help with this choice. When he can, he will also visit the proposed location. At this stage he will give an estimate of cost.

Following the initial enquiry and consultation, Peter will supply a scale drawing to be looked over by the client. Where changes are required, these will again be submitted to the client for final appoval before work begins.

Once the design has been approved, a firm price will be supplied and a deposit will become payable, the balance to be paid on completion. This price will cover all costs involved, including design, carving, all materials, transportation, and, if needed, fixing.

Fixing the Stone
Wherever possible Peter will carry out the fixing of the stone himself and include this service in the total price.

Local Authorities
If the piece is to go into a church graveyard or cemetery he will be happy to liaise on behalf of the client with the appropriate church and local authorities about specific permissions or regulations regarding sizes and content of memorials or any additional processes that may need to be gone through.
Peter Hampson
Commissioning a Stone